Jumping Exercises for Beginners

Posted: 18th July 2016 by in Reviews
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Are you in dire need of a few more inches so that you can finally dunk the ball into the ring? Do you have a short height which prevents you from spiking the ball toward the opponent’s side? If you want to solve these problems, you better try to improve your vertical jump. Yes, it is the key that can compensate for your small stature. If you have the proper techniques, you can definitely become a great athlete. These techniques can be learned through Vert Shock, a program with a goal of helping you produce a more powerful vertical jump. Here are some of the techniques that will be taught to you when you enrol in the program.

The first thing that you should do is stretching. This will assist in loosening up your tight muscles. It increases the normal range of motion of your body part. Also, it increases your flexibility so that the muscles will not be strained too much when you jump. A good exercises used for stretching is lunges. If you can perform three sets of this exercise for each leg, then you are good to go. Your body will get warmed up in preparation for more intense exercises.

Another basic exercise is calf raises. It will help tone your calf muscles which are involved in jumping. It can be done in various ways depending on where you are most comfortable. Once your calves become stronger, you may also level up the intensity of this exercise by adding weights. After doing this, you need to also perform jump rope. Since you have been doing it since you were a child, it would be a simple part of the routine. It builds your core strength which is also a critical element of jumping. You may watch videos online on how to vary your jumping rope routine.

Vert Shock also highlights the importance of squats. Squats significantly increase the strength of your legs. It is a simple exercise wherein you just bend the knees. While doing this, keep the back as straight as possible. Ideally, the thigh should be parallel to the ground. Try to measure how far you can go but don’t force yourself. Injuries may happen when you try to go over the limit. You may ask the opinion of your trainer regarding the boundaries. In addition to squats, you can also do step-ups to increase your leg strength.

Crunches and planks should be done as part of your core workouts. The moment that you jump, you are using the critical muscles of your core to get the power and energy that you need. As such, they should also be strengthened to have a large reserve.

These are just some of the things that you can do to have a good vertical jump. Now that you know them, it is time to practice them. You better start now because changes do not happen overnight. Change your ways as soon as possible so you can reap the benefits the soonest possible time also.

In this infographic we have showcased 6 critical facts for the Vert Shock Training program.